Firstly, we want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank all healthcare professionals who are working around the clock taking care of New Zealand.
We know it’s an unsettling time right now and we wanted to reach out to our community to let you know, you are not alone.
We hope everyone is safe during these dark times and keeping their families well.

Many have been calling/ emailing/ messaging us to see if we’ll still be operating as usual as there have been some confusion about what businesses can or can not operate.

Your Healthy Gourmet fall under the exemption of being a critical supplier. According to the current regulations food manufacturers that supply to supermarkets, direct supply of food packs to the clients, as well as being part of voluntary work and provide for those who is depending on this are still able to operate. We fall under all those categories.

We also keep in touch with MPI and the GOVERNMENT  on a daily basis at the moment as things are constantly changing. This is to make sure we are always on top of things, whether it comes to more changes in our production, equipment, suppliers and staff.

The health and safety of our staff and customers is our absolute number one priority. Where possible we’ve allowed staff to work from home, however our operations team will continue to put in the hard yards to ensure your deliveries are made. Being a food company, we’ve always had high hygiene and food safety measures in place. Since COVID-19 we have increased our practices by adding additional cleaning to all equipment, extra uniforms, sanitising all stations every hour and reducing staff workout spaces to two meters apart. Our staff are getting their groceries through the company to avoid going to the supermarkets.

We will be delivering all our meals using in house drivers to reduce the amount of hands our produce goes through. This is also so we can make sure all required steps are being met in terms of sanitising, no contact and wearing additional personal protective equipment. We have sanitiser in our vehicles all times, as well as new gloves needing to be worn at each new delivery location. All meals are delivered straight to your door and will let you know once your meals have arrived.

If you know of anyone who is at risk or is not able to leave the house due to age, pregnancy, health reasons etc, please get them to get in touch with us as we need to make sure we take care of each other and those are the ones that need it the most.

Why our new range SALAMAT? The founder of YHG, Nargis, is of Azerbaijani descent, and the word Salamat in Azeri is used to wish someone good health, safety and free of danger.
So from YHG to you all, Salamat.

Our frequently asked questions

All orders need to be in by Wednesday 10pm for the following week.

Click here to go to our price list

Not at all! We have designed this for everyone and anyone.

No problem at all we cater to most dietary needs, if there is something you don’t want for example chilli, there is a note when placing an order where your able to add additional information.

Deliveries are delivered Sunday, Wednesday evenings (unfortunately we are not able to tell the exact time) to guarantee your meals are ready to collect the following day at your studios first class (Mondays & Thursdays). Home deliveries are also delivered on Sunday and Wednesday, please make sure you leave a chilli bin outside so your meals stay cool.

We have different stickers on some of our meals due to extra protein, dairy free, fish free etc. So if you see a small label on the side of your meal, this is just so we know we are sending you the correct meals.

For microwaves, place the meal in the middle of the microwave. Both, the meal tray and film are microwave safe. Pierce the heat-proof film.  Heat for approximately 3 minutes. Continue to heat and check on it in 2-minute intervals until the desired temperature is achieved.

For ovens please reheat the oven to 220C degrees and place the meal in the centre of the oven. Pierce the heat-proof film.

Yes! We care about our environment and are always making sure that everything we use is eco-friendly and recyclable.

All meals can be picked up from 333C East Tamaki Road, Otara on Mondays and Thursdays between 8am and 3pm

All gym deliveries are free if your gym is registered with us.

We deliver twice a week being Monday and Thursday to ensure your meals are always fresh.

Monday, two days’ worth, Wednesday, two days’ worth, Friday, one days’ worth if you ordered 5 days, or three days’ worth if you ordered 7 days.

These will be delivered in your Friday delivery.

Unfortunately we don’t at the moment, but this is definitely something were working towards.

Yes you sure can

Unfortunately, this is not an option as the F45 studios only allow members only on their premises.

Unfortunately we only offer a 5 day option or a 7 day option.

When placing your online order, you have the option to customise your order from Mainstream through to Vegan and everything in between. If you have a special request, this can be added to the notes field

We are not able to deliver to a gym that is not using us as their meal supplier. But we do have other options. You can pick up from Otara or Half Moon Bay, or we can organise for your meals to be couriered to your home / work address at an additional cost.

By clicking on the menu tab and subscribing to our website

All nutritional information can be found on your weekly menu